Armstrongyaya 2023.0927 Fayelong Water Distiller – The Perfect Moonshine Stills for DIY Whisky and Wine Making

Fayelong Water Distiller – The Perfect Moonshine Stills for DIY Whisky and Wine Making

Fayelong Water Distiller – The Perfect Moonshine Stills for DIY Whisky and Wine Making

Fayelong Water Distiller – The Perfect Moonshine Stills for DIY Whisky and Wine Making

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Product Description

This set of moonshine stills is a complete wine making set, great alembic still for beginners or expert distiller, portable and easy to handle. and we have test everything when we sending the package out.

  • Boiler material: stainless steel.
  • Cooling pipes material: top grade red copper or stainless steel.
  • The cooling coil cooler: copper or stainless steel pipe to shape. Length: 170cm/67inches for 2 or 3 Gal, 250cm/100inches for 5 or 8 Gal.
  • Construction: The construction is all stainless steel which has been argon welded thus avoiding any of the health problems associated with copper and solder constructed stills.
  • Welding technique: The item is argon welded to avoid any of the health issues associated with welding and solder constructed alcohol stills.
  • Heat source: induction cooler, stove, or any other heating sources are OK!

You will need (NOT include): yeast, water supply, heat source(I suggest use induction cooker or gas stove), all the items are the same the pictures showed, contact me anytime when you need additional help.

Multipurpose Usage

There are many different ways to use our moonshine alcohol still. Home distillers can use it for seawater distillation, steam distillation, and for distilling alcohol. According to your preference, you can make different kinds of items in the moonshine stills such as Alcohol, Ethanol, Whiskey, Water Distiller, Wine Making, Essential Oils, Hydrosol, etc.

Build-in Thermometer

Metal Thermometers show as: Celsius & Fahrenheit, so the operator can inspect the temperature easily when running the distiller. It comes with a free stainless steam plate and gauze bag to prevent burn out and has a much better effect on distillation. There is also a free temperature sticker on the fermenter, which allows you to inspect the temperature when using the big pot as a fermenter pot.


We guarantee One Year Warranty. Online Video Guide and Free Parts Exchanged. You can rest assured to buy. If you are not fully satisfied with our products, we will give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this moonshine still for wine making?

Yes, this moonshine still is perfect for wine making. It is designed to handle the fermentation process and produce high-quality wine.

2. Is the distillation equipment safe to use?

Yes, the distillation equipment is made of safe and non-toxic red copper and stainless steel materials. There is no lead in any of the parts, ensuring the safety of your distillation process.

3. How long does it take to distill alcohol?

The time it takes to distill alcohol depends on various factors such as the type of alcohol and the temperature. Generally, it can take a few hours to complete the distillation process.


Get the best moonshine stills for your DIY whisky and wine making with Fayelong Water Distiller. Our complete distillation equipment is suitable for beginners or expert distillers, and it is easy to handle and install. With our high-quality materials and construction, you can enjoy the best results in your distillation process. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and order yours now!

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