Armstrongyaya 20231017 Karnak Reception Desk For Front Office Desk

Karnak Reception Desk For Front Office Desk

Karnak Reception Desk For Front Office Desk

Karnak Reception Desk For Front Office Desk

Looking for a functional business reception desk? Corporate management is enhanced by a trendy, lovely, and well-organized front desk. Karnak offers the W120 x D80 x H106 Cm Office Reception Desk for any formal requirements. The Office Reception Desk without Drawers is a sensible investment because it is constructed of sturdy material with Wood and fiberboard (MDF) with metal accents.

Look and Feel

Get the first impression perfect because the reception desk is the first thing a customer or business associate notices. For a professional appearance, a modern welcome desk should be chic, refined, polished, and spotless. This Modern Reception Desk is made of, painted in pure color. Pure professionalism and perfection are immediately apparent. Anyone will be impressed by the neatness.


Two receptionists can easily work at this Reception Desk. Before making a purchase, consider one of our options for reception seats that complement this one.


Stay away from liquids like chemicals or water. Spillage might leave stains and chemicals can spoil it altogether. Wipe it clean with a dry cloth.


A special assembly instruction for the ultra-modern reception desk is included in the box. Contact Customer Support if you need assistance putting the desk together.

Multifunctional Table

The reception table had been appropriate for the majority of spaces. It is intended for use at the front office and at the reception desk.

Elegant Design

This table’s high-gloss finish plus modern design will complement any design style, making it a fantastic addition to your living space and an essential, especially when it comes to making your corporate experience unique.


This high-quality front desk contributes to a better environment, teamwork, and enthusiasm during company meetings and group initiatives.


This welcome desk’s sturdy wood structure with a durable finish guarantees that it can survive the rigours of daily use.

Easy to Install and Clean

The wooden reception box with all of the hardware and equipment needed for simple installation exactly to the instructions. The high gloss coating makes cleaning simple.

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