Armstrongyaya 231103 Po’sKit MT-1632: The Ultimate SMD Components Tester

Po’sKit MT-1632: The Ultimate SMD Components Tester

Po’sKit MT-1632: The Ultimate SMD Components Tester

Are you tired of struggling to test SMD components? Look no further! Introducing the Po’sKit MT-1632, the ultimate tester for SMD components. Whether you’re a professional electronics engineer or a hobbyist, this device is designed to make your life easier.

Efficiency and Versatility

The Po’sKit MT-1632 is equipped with a removable head tweezers, allowing you to easily test various SMD components. No more fumbling with traditional test clips or probes! With the tweezers, you can effortlessly pick up and test resistors, capacitors, diodes, and more.

LED Resistance Meters

One of the standout features of the Po’sKit MT-1632 is its LED resistance meters. These meters provide a visual indication of the resistance value, making it quick and easy to identify the component’s specifications. Gone are the days of squinting at tiny numbers on a multimeter!

Convenient and User-Friendly

The Po’sKit MT-1632 is designed with the user in mind. Its compact size and ergonomic design ensure comfortable handling, even during long testing sessions. The device is also equipped with a clear LCD screen, displaying all the necessary information in a user-friendly manner.

  1. Can the Po’sKit MT-1632 test other types of components?
  2. Yes, the Po’sKit MT-1632 can also test through-hole components with the help of the included test clips.

  3. Is the device battery-powered?
  4. No, the Po’sKit MT-1632 is powered by a USB cable, making it convenient to use with any USB power source.

  5. Does the device come with a warranty?
  6. Yes, the Po’sKit MT-1632 comes with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.


The Po’sKit MT-1632 is a game-changer in the world of SMD component testing. Its efficiency, versatility, and user-friendly design make it a must-have tool for any electronics enthusiast. Say goodbye to tedious testing methods and hello to the future of component testing with the Po’sKit MT-1632!

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