Armstrongyaya 20231024 ikoo Scalp Serum (Day) with UV Protection for Healthy Hair Growth and Fuller Hair

ikoo Scalp Serum (Day) with UV Protection for Healthy Hair Growth and Fuller Hair

ikoo Scalp Serum (Day) with UV Protection for Healthy Hair Growth and Fuller Hair


Hair care is a #firstworldright, all women agree – but who does daily facial care, why not scalp care? Our scalp serums are not only for the hair, but rather for the skin – because your scalp ensures that your hair is greasy, dry or flat. That’s why it is so important that you care for your scalp as much as your facial skin. A nourished scalp results in more beautiful, healthier hair. That’s why we say #ScalpCareIsTheNewFaceCare and you really deserve it! Our super hair duo consisting of day and night serum works for 24 hours, so you get stronger hair roots and a more nourished scalp and therefore never have #badhairdays again. Nothing to thank you!

Why ikoo Scalp Serum?

Let’s be honest, girls: Sooo much isn’t what you really need in life, right? A squad that lets you be – no matter how you look, where you come from or what you can. The right #femalefirst attitude to carry your own head confidently through your life. And, yes okay, a bit of hair care for the mane on this head would not be bad either. Like with a certain wellness factor… after all, a goddess is in you. 🙂

Go, ladies, the world belongs to you! Ikoo ensures the necessary Good Hair Day feeling. With great attention to detail, the team develops high-quality hair care products that do without silicone, animal products and of course without animal testing.

ikoo Scalp Serum Benefits

– Bye-ye itchy scalp: our Dare to Scalp Care day serum gently removes product deposits and dead skin particles from the skin while providing deep moisture. The result: fresh, hydrated scalp all day long.
– What you get: citric acid exfoliates and accelerates the cell regeneration process. Hyaluronic acid stores sustainably moisture relieves itching. The included UVB protection prevents sunburn on the sensitive scalp.
– The hair serum does not contain gluten, paraffin, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, silicone or sulphates. Because we love animals alongside hair, our serums are 100% vegan and free from animal testing.

How to Use ikoo Scalp Serum

It’s So Ikoo: Shake the leave-in serum well before use and divide the hair so that the scalp appears. Apply 1-2 drops per parting, gently massage in with your fingers and repeat on all parts. Do not rinse out.

Hair care with attitude

For beautiful hair, you do not have to fit in any scheme. We at ikoo want to encourage all women to be themselves – with plenty of hair confidence and the right hair care for Good Hair Days.


Ikoo Scalp Serum (Day) with UV Protection is the perfect solution for healthy hair growth and fuller hair. With its nourishing and moisturizing properties, it ensures a fresh and hydrated scalp all day long. Say goodbye to itchy scalp and hello to beautiful, healthier hair. Join the #ScalpCareIsTheNewFaceCare movement and give your scalp the care it deserves. Try ikoo Scalp Serum today and never have a bad hair day again!

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